4X6-fall17-front-PRINTWe are excited about our upcoming Women's Events and Bible Study schedule. We look forward to these times where we can weekly learn from God’s Word and develop stronger friendships with other women in our church. We seek to be intentional in developing relationships with other women, regardless of age or status, who desire to mirror God’s relationship with us. We do this through Women’s Bible Study, discipleship, small groups, and Sunday school classes, all of which emphasize God’s word. Social activities are scheduled throughout the year to foster friendly, inclusive opportunities to get to know others in a relaxed setting.  We invite you to join us for any or all of these upcoming events!


September 6 - November 15, 2017

  • 9:15am - Worship and Fellowship

  • 9:30am-11:30am - Classes

Leaders: Julie Darus and Anne Graybeal
In this inductive Bible study in the book Ephesians, you will be encouraged to read God's Word carefully for better, more effective study by the use of observation (what the text is saying), interpretation (what the text meant to the original hearers) and application (prayerfully apply the passage to your life). 

Jesus: the One and Only
Leader: Kathy Lucas
In this Beth Moore study, you will examine the life of Christ. You will be introduced to to an intimate Savior, as you get a close-up and personal portrait of the life of Jesus the Messiah, as he came to a funeral and raised the dead, confronted conniving religious leaders, taught on a hillside, and even walked on the waves.

The Gospel of Luke
Leader: Nancy McChesney
In this Precepts study, you will embark on a year-long study walking through the events of Jesus' life. You will use inductive study techniques to discover for yourself what God is teaching through His Word and Holy Spirit.  This class requires about 5 hours of homework per week.



August 30 - December 13

5:30pm: Wonderful Wednesdays $2 Dinners

6:30pm - 7:30pm: 

The Book of Job
Leaders: Stephanie Franklin and Rebecca Andersen

In the book of Job, readers are confronted with big questions about God's character. What kind of life can a believer expect to have? Is undeserved suffering part of God's plan? What is the purpose of evil and suffering, and how do believers live in the tension of a loving God and a life fraught with difficulty? Is evil something God uses to bring about His ends? This book causes us to think deeply about God and the nuances of his character, intentions, and how he governs the world.

For more information about Women’s Ministry, contact Paige Sherid.

Sunday School / Gathered Worship

9:00am / 10:30am