Help Groups

We're excited about a number of ministries our members have started in an effort to take Jesus further locally.

Mobile Pantry

We hope to show the love of Christ to Phoenix. One practical way we do that is through our Mobile Food Pantry. TBC's Neighbor to Neighbor program offers free food on the first Saturday of every month from 8-9 a.m. Everyone is invited to come pick up fresh vegetables, fruits, breads, and pastries regardless of your income. Just bring bins or bags to transport your food.

You don't need to sign up; just show up. Call (602) 942-8330 for more information.

Redeemed to Repeat
Our mission is to glorify God by obeying His commands in Matthew, Galatians and Hebrews to encourage one another, stir one another to good works, restore one another in gentleness, make disciples, and keep watch over each other. We recognize and celebrate the redeeming work of Christ in our lives and strive to help one another to walk in the freedom found only in the Gospel. Our goal is to teach people coming out of a drug rehabilitation or lifestyle to enter society according to gospel-centered principles at a practical, fundamental level.

Meeting Thursdays at 7:00pm in the Annex for Bible Study and Fridays at 7pm in the Annex for the weekly meeting. Contact Candice McDonnell at (858) 750-5209 for more information.

Sunday School / Gathered Worship

9:00am / 10:30am