E2 Classes

e2E2 classes focus on Christians who aspire to leadership in the church on at least a lay level. These folks may hope to lead a Community Group, teach in Sunday School, or serve as an elder or deacon in the future. These classes intend to prepare God’s people to shepherd others. In this class you should expect the teacher to use the term “justification” without apologizing and then explain what it means and why it’s critical to understand this doctrine to be able to explain to others and apply it to everyday life.

We are excited to announce a new E2 class beginning this Fall on 2nd Saturdays from 9am-11am beginning in September. A number of our Seminary professors will be leading the teaching and discussion times for this training on a variety of topics critical to leadership development. Please sign up to receive the pre-class readings for each meeting.

August 20 - Theological Triage Discussion [video]

Instructor: Josh Vincent

September 10 - Women and the Church [video]

Instructor: Josh Vincent

October 8 - Biblical Theology [VIDEO]

Instructor: Dan Diffey

November 5 - Baptism

Instructor: John Meade

December 10 - Lord’s Supper [AUDIO]

Instructor: Joshua Greever

January 14 - Ecclesiology

Instructor: Mark Sherid 

February 11 - Conversion and Sanctification

Instructor: Justin McLendon


General Reading:

  1. "Conversion, God, and the Whole Self" by Stephen Wellum, 9 Marks Journal
  2. "The Corporate Component of Conversion" by Jonathan Leeman, 9 Marks Journal

Advanced Reading:

  1. "Conversion in the Bible" by R. T. France, The Evangelical Quarterly 65:4 (1993), 291-310
  2. "Does Regeneration Necessarily Precede Conversion" by Tom Schreiner, 9 Marks


General Reading:

  1. "Sanctification" by J. I. Packer
  2. "Gospel-Driven Sanctification" by Jerry Bridges

Advanced Reading:

  1. "Sanctification and Perseverance" selections from Herman Bavinck’s, Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 4
  2. "Is Sanctification Monergistic or Synergistic: A Reformed Survey" by Kevin DeYoung
  3. "Union with Christ" by Michael Horton

March 11 - Devotional Life and Speaking in Tongues

Instructor: Andy McClurg 

April 8 - Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

Instructor: Toby Jennings


Instructor: Toby Jennings

Sunday School / Gathered Worship

9:00am / 10:30am