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Christian Hospitality at Trinity


Two out-of-town guests attended Trinity recently. Without prompting, the visitors, on more than one occasion, remarked about how friendly Trinity is.......

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Summer Guest Preachers

We have a number of gifted guest preachers scheduled to fill the pulpit at Trinity this summer. Below you'll find their pictures and bios just in case you aren't familiar with them. Mark Dever has served as the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church since 1994 and as president of 9Marks (a ministry to churches and church leaders) since its founding in 1998. He&rsquo...

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The Trinity Matters


Sunday, I preached on the baptism of Jesus from Mark 1 (v9-11), and stated, amongst other things, that the doctrine of the Trinity Matters. I recently taught an E2 class practically applying Al Mohler’s article on Theological Triage, and the Trinity easily classifies as a first tier theological issue, which means denying the Trinity literally classifies one as a non-...

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Harvest Offering 2016


The elders are excited about this year's Harvest Offering. We value church planting and short-term mission trips....

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Sunday School / Gathered Worship

9:00am / 10:30am