Trinity Bible Church

Taking Jesus Further

Trinity Exists to take the Gospel to Phoenix and beyond as we become an increasingly vibrant display of the glory of God.

Disciples Making Disciples. We seek to be a God-glorifying, Spirit-driven, Christ-centered church pursuing gospel maturity that invites others to follow.



Where Do We Get Our Bible?

This E2 class will cover the historical issues of how our Bible was formed; that is, how the 66 books of our Protestant Bible came to be recognized as authoritative for matters of faith and practice.

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E2 Class Schedule 2017-18

E2 classes are for Christians who aspire to leadership in the church on at least a lay level. These folks may hope to lead a Community Group, teach in Sunday School, or serve as an elder or deacon in the future....

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Sunday School / Gathered Worship

9:00am / 10:30am